How to use the E-Learning Hub

The resource materials on the Hub are distributed yearly under tabs for each Institution. Each national partner institution tab opens a landing page for that institution, which contains relevant resources for general use. These resources are common for all 3 institutions and are open to access even by guests. These include documents for: designing CB curricula; learning methodologies (pedagogic tools) employed for teaching courses with CB curricula; developing manuals for faculty training and making them competent in teaching CB curricula; and, developing forms/guidelines for course, faculty and learners’ assessments.

Any interested users can access documents on the landing page for each institution. For more detailed guidance and access to the short Professional Skills Training Online Courses, faculty and facilitators are requested to express interest here.

In order to protect the proprietary documents for each institution, faculty and facilitators can access all the documents for each year only from their specific institution. This means that a faculty member from AUW will be able to access all documents in the AUW tab without restriction. However, they will have selective access to documents on the JPGSPH and ICCCAD-IUB tabs. In order to access these documents, faculty and facilitators from each of the 3 national partner HEIs must reach out to the Trans4m-PH Project Managers to request the creation of a personalized log-in ID here.

Each Year-wise tab under the specific institutional tab contains all the deliverables produced during the course curricula reform process for that year. These include: Course Presentations for the reformed Courses from that Year, Learner Materials/Manuals, Faculty Course Teaching Manuals, Curriculum Designer manual, Course Syllabus, Course Daily Sessions / Schedules (Competency- Learning process documentation), Course Logistic plans (i.e. visits, fieldwork etc.), Faculty Facilitator Development materials/manuals, Learner Competency Assessment Forms, 9 Faculty Competency Assessment Forms, Learner Course Evaluation Forms, and 9 Peer Course Evaluation Forms.